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"Sweet and Tender" Sweet Corn

Shipping 1,000 acres of yellow, white, and bi-color sweet corn
July - September

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sweet corn planting

During planting, a precision planter is used for a controlled depth planting and use of track caterpillars reduces soil compaction. The end result is a more uniform crop development and size.

sweet corn harvest

During harvest the corn is picked early in the morning with a corn harvester designed to eliminate mechanical damage and leave the flag leaves for a hand pulled look of quality and freshness.

sweet corn packing

The corn is then brought to the packing house where it is hand sorted for quality. Only U.S. Fancy ears are put into a specially designed corrugated box which is used to eliminate contamination problems.

sweet corn hydro cooler

Next the boxed corn is cooled by specially designed hydro-coolers with 34 degree water. The coolers recycle 13,000 gallons of water per minute that is purified by a new ionizer system, which kills bacteria better than the old chlorine method and extends shelf life and adds to the quality of the product.

sweet corn ice machine

From there the boxes are iced individually to ensure freshness and eye appeal.  The ice-maker generates 35 tons of ice per day.  This slows the process that converts sugar to starch and keeps the corn fresh.  

sweet corn pallets The boxes are then banded, palletized and stacked in a cold storage room at 34 degrees. Corn is shipped daily.
sweet corn display The final product is attractively displayed in colorful cartons to create an enticing presentation for the shopper.  This retailer has taken advantage of the Value Added program by displaying Hinkle Produce sweet corn along with butter, corn holders, salt & pepper.